Monday, December 30, 2013

Discover it doesn’t ring true

We treat you like you treat you.

Now that’s a brand promise that is very appealing. Is it sincere? Is it true? is it engrained in the corporate psyche, embodied in the corporate culture and manifested in every process and customer service policy?

For some reason, I seriously doubt it.

My suspicion is that this is a creative platform developed in a bit of isolation. Obviously, it is brilliantly implemented. The concept is captivating, the copy is clever, the talent is brilliant and the production is superbly executed. The commercials are quite entertaining and people respond to them.

I predict the campaign will win some highly coveted advertising awards.

Okay, that checks out…copy that.

Girl, you know I’m real!

Yes, we’re all laughing uncomfortably.

But is the campaign winning net new customers for the client? That’s the metric that really matters (except at advertising awards banquets).

Again, for some reason, I seriously doubt it.

Actually, I do have a sneaking suspicion why the campaign may not draw new card holders. It goes back to the brand promise. Sorry Discover, I’m not buying it.

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