Monday, February 22, 2010

Embrace life at the moment of impact

There are some advertisements that are so very, very powerful and moving, they become a global and social media sensation almost overnight. Do you recall the Texting While Driving PSA that caused quite a stir last summer with its graphic depiction of the consequences of distracted driving? Embrace Life is rapidly moving toward that same level of global awareness and impact. Check it out.

Are you in awe?

The instance that really captures me emotionally is at the imaginary point of impact when he thrusts forward and the table and glass goes flying in super-slow motion. His wife and daughter hold onto him for dear life, protecting him and keeping me from flying through the windshield and potentially into another life. That's a WOW moment.

The advertisement artistically impresses me immensely. I hold in high esteem those with the creative minds and directorial skills to produce such an important message (with no spoken words and a magnificent music bed) in a 90 second window. Simply wonderful.

Embrace the message…Embrace Life.


To learn more about the Sussex Safer Roads Project and the Embrace Life campaign, click here: Sussex Safer Roads Project

An independent Facebook group supports getting this PSA placed on TV stations around the globe. If you’d like to join it, click here: Embrace Life Facebook group  NOTE: By clicking, you may automatically join the group.

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